Episode 20 – Marketing Your Author Business Through Newsletters

The experts tell us that one of the essential aspects of marketing your books is putting out a regular newsletter.

Why put out a newsletter?

· Build your brand.

· Build a relationship with your audience.

· Keep people interested between books so that they haven’t forgotten about you by the time you put out your book.

· To make sure that you don’t only contact people when you have a book available.

Why write this one?

You need to be clear why you are writing this newsletter. Is it to connect with your audience, to get people to respond or to get them to act in some way? What results do you want?

How do you put out a good newsletter or write an exciting blog week after week? 

Well, it’s about finding your truth, being authentic and leading an exciting life. Easy, right? It explains why, although we know that’s what we should be doing, so few of us do it.

Practice makes perfect and like learning to write great novels; it’s about the number of words on the page. Like reading widely, it’s another skill to learn, and it helps to subscribe to other famous author’s newsletters. What do you like about it? What do you hate?

For me, it has also been about dedicating precious time to creating something that I’m proud to put out rather than pouring my ramblings out and expecting that anyone would want to read it.

How do you find topics?

I’m still learning this one, especially as I write under a pen name because of my day job. Balancing being honest without making yourself vulnerable seems like another skill to learn, and it’s difficult, although you’ve probably had loads of practice if you post on social media.

A while ago, I did an experiment where I put out a chapter a week of raw material on the book I was working on at that time. It made me commit to writing a chapter a week and gave me something to submit. It was about being vulnerable in a whole new way.

Journaling can be a good source of ideas.


Structuring your Newsletter

Headings break a newsletter up and allow busy people to skim the ‘headlines.’


Should you be political? 

I have chosen not to be, simply because I’m too political and don’t want that side of my life to spill too strongly into my author business. Not because I’m afraid that people who disagree with me won’t buy my books but because the politics in my books is subtle and often unconscious.  

Episode 19 – Revisiting Goal Setting

Anna and I discuss goal setting and revisit my goals from earlier in the year.

Why is it good to set Goals?

  • It is motivating. – Goal setting is a way of monitoring our achievements.
  • It helps us to use our time better by identifying activities that aren’t valuable or are a waste of our time.
  • It helps us to be honest with ourselves and identify areas where we’d like to do better.
  • Sometimes things change and that’s okay. – The process of reviewing goals helps us to recognise that we might have gone off track for good reason.
  • Just the process of setting a goal and committing it to paper makes magic happen. It set us on a path of achievement.

New Goals

Here are our current goals.


To print off three chapters of her novel and edit them to a good standard by the end of November.

To continue to produce poems and short pieces of work.


Release 3 books in the Cadicle universe with Amy Duboff.

To finish 2 books in the Barathrum Series.

To send out a newsletter every 2 weeks.

To produce a blog post every 2 weeks (once website is up and running).


To continually improve the quality of the podcast and gradually build an audience.

To continue to put out the podcast regularly, every 2 weeks.

To send out a newsletter every 2 weeks.

Thank you to Sites Built for You for a fantastic revamped website: Lucinda Pebre.