Episode 19 – Revisiting Goal Setting

Anna and I discuss goal setting and revisit my goals from earlier in the year.

Why is it good to set Goals?

  • It is motivating. – Goal setting is a way of monitoring our achievements.
  • It helps us to use our time better by identifying activities that aren’t valuable or are a waste of our time.
  • It helps us to be honest with ourselves and identify areas where we’d like to do better.
  • Sometimes things change and that’s okay. – The process of reviewing goals helps us to recognise that we might have gone off track for good reason.
  • Just the process of setting a goal and committing it to paper makes magic happen. It set us on a path of achievement.

New Goals

Here are our current goals.


To print off three chapters of her novel and edit them to a good standard by the end of November.

To continue to produce poems and short pieces of work.


Release 3 books in the Cadicle universe with Amy Duboff.

To finish 2 books in the Barathrum Series.

To send out a newsletter every 2 weeks.

To produce a blog post every 2 weeks (once website is up and running).


To continually improve the quality of the podcast and gradually build an audience.

To continue to put out the podcast regularly, every 2 weeks.

To send out a newsletter every 2 weeks.

Thank you to Sites Built for You for a fantastic revamped website: Lucinda Pebre.

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