Episode 30 – Journal and Planner

Thank you to Mariëlle S Smith for sending us a copy of her beautiful journal and planner 52 Weeks of Writing and giving us this opportunity.

In this week’s podcast, Anna and I go through the planner for the first week.

My goal for the following week was to complete half of the first round of edits on my novel. To do this, I needed to set aside some time and since there wasn’t any time to work it out on air, I worked on the detail to include here.

In the working version of the novel, there are 30 chapters. Therefore, I need to have the first 15 chapters structurally complete by next Thursday. Some will require more work than others. Immediately, I can see that I have my work cut out.

The final schedule looks like this:

Friday 6-7.30am. The only time I will have available because I have a work’s Christmas do in the evening.

That means that everything hinges on how much work I can get done at the weekend. Saturday we are out in the evening, so I can spend 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.

Sunday I have a yoga class in the evening, and so I will set aside 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. No housework or food shopping time!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I can commit 6-7.30am and 19-21.00pm which is 3.5 hours each day.

I also have a long-overdue blog to write it is long and a newsletter!

That is a total of 22.5 hours, which should be enough if I stay super focused and don’t talk to my husband. Let’s see.

If it works, I am going to aim for the same the following week.

Then onto round 2 of editing. I love writing!

What are your goals for this coming week?