Episode 37 – Sex Talk

In this week’s episode, Anna and I talk about our experience of writing sex scenes. What works and what doesn’t.

What makes a good sex scene?

We share our opinion on how to write a believable and intriguing sex scene that people want to read. I talk about the importance of detail and seeing the scene from a different point of view.

Anna talks about her favourite scenes in books and reads a passage that conveys meaning.

We discuss the importance of being comfortable with what we are writing and of the necessity of reading lots of books. Choose the ones similar to what you intend to write. It is essential to research, whether in person or through reading and talking to others.

We talk respect and the danger of portraying abuse as a regular part of a relationship.

We identify the importance of building up to the sexual act itself and finding a way of seeing the scene from a unique angle.

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