Episode 38 – Endings

Endings are arguably the most important aspect of a novel as readers are left with an impression and a sense of satisfaction, or not. If you search for information on ending a novel, you will discover lots of valuable advice from authors who have struggled with similar issues before you. 


In this episode, Anna and I talk about our experience with endings. I talk about my current struggle, which is to find an end to my current trilogy. 


One of the most difficult aspects has been writing an original ending that meets readers expectations, while being original and surprising. I also seem to have picked up too many characters and each of those characters have character arcs that have to be addressed in some form or other in order to satisfy the reader. While it’s true that not everything needs to be tied up in a tidy bow, you do need to leave your readers with a feeling of satisfaction. After committing hours’ time and attention, they want the burning question that has motivated them to read to the end, answering


We talk about how the genre you write determines what elements readers expect in their novel. That’s the easy part. It is much more difficult to do that in an innovative way without making readers feel they’ve read the scene somewhere else. 


Get in touch if you want to share any of your own tips for ending a novel or story. We’d love to hear from you,

Lucinda Pebre x