Episode 47 — Kanban for Writers

In this episode, Mariëlle explains how she has started to use a Kanban board to keep a track of her projects and enhance productivity.

What looked frightening to me and Mariëlle referred to as a monster, turned out not to be so scary when I understood the various sections. If you dream of the perfect planning system, this episode is for you.

Designed by a Japanese company to keep track of productivity, Kanban is used to organize individual writing projects with the option to develop it to serve as an overall production schedule.

For authors with multiple books, it aids tracking or for those with a single project; it breaks down the writing process into manageable chunks. If you tend to take on too much, use it to reduce the chance of becoming overwhelmed.

Marielle developed her ‘crazy’ version of the Kanban to incorporate long-term goals and planning for the year. We plan to review the process in spring 2021 to see what worked well.

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Have you used a Kanban? If yes, did it meet your expectations? If not, do you want to give it a try?

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