Episode 57 – Fear of Failure

Whether it’s a blank page or the terror of publishing, writing can be scary. At the heart of the problem could be a deep-rooted fear of failure. The effect can stop progress and induce a reluctance to experiment. It can manifests in different ways despite the commonly held belief that it results in paralysis. The truth is that it drives some people to work harder. However, failure as the driving force increases stress, which sucks the joy out of a potentially positive experience.

Understanding what drives you places you in control, allowing you to seek a balance that enhances your writing life. Consider a world where failure was feedback and curiosity drives experimentation.

How does a fear of failure affect your writing?
Are you afraid of failure or afraid of success?

Mariëlle mentioned Elizabeth Gilbert in the podcast. The book Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life and Let Go of Your Fear is widely available.

Episode 56 – The Effect of Limiting Beliefs on Writing

Do you know what is holding you back from a successful writing career? It could be something as simple as your deep-rooted beliefs about success formed in childhood or as a result of life experiences that have convinced you that it’s safer to pass through life unnoticed and unrecognised.

There are three stages to addressing these issues:

  1. The first step to uncover any limiting beliefs.
  2. The second is to consider when and where they originated.
  3. The final step is to identify what you would like to believe instead.

Start by trying this free 19-minute meditation on Youtube led by Mariëlle, or find the exercise in Mariëlle’s free resource for writers when you sign up for her newsletter.