Episode 68 – Perfectionism and Goal Setting

“Research shows that perfectionism hampers success” (Brene Brown).

Perfectionism can show up in many aspects of your life. It can stop a writer from getting past the first page or prevent them from pressing publish.

In this episode, Mariƫlle and I talk about overcoming our tendencies to lean towards perfectionism.

In striving to be perfect, we focus on the wrong things. This has never been more obvious than when writing a novel. Some people become stuck on rewriting the same line over and over, and for others, it’s the need for just one more draft.

Perfectionism can even stop you from setting specific goals because of the fear that you can never achieve what you want, and if you do manage to set a goal, it can keep you perfecting the detail instead of moving forwards to the finish line.

Do you feel that perfectionism gets in the way of your success?

In what way does perfectionism stop you from achieving your goals?

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