Episode 70 – How Dedicated Do You Want to Be in Your Writing?

In this episode, Mariëlle and Lucinda talk about dedicating themselves to writing. Many people struggle to find the time and commitment to write a novel but knowing where you are and where you are going improves your chance of success.

It is vital to discover what is realistically achievable so you don’t constantly feel you are failing or if you are, you can identify what needs to change. A part of this is knowing and setting your priorities to ensure you are in the right place and heading in the right direction. Boundaries protect your time from other commitments, enabling you to write. However, first, you need to be honest with yourself. Try these exercises.

List your priorities. You might be surprised by what comes ahead of writing.

Rank those priorities in order of importance, with one the most important. You can have as many as you can fit in your life.

Can you identify anything that you have given up to fit writing into your life?

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