Episode 72 – Sacrifice and the Writing Life

In this episode, Mariëlle and Lucinda talk about fitting writing into their lives. They identify areas that they have consciously and unconsciously given up to write fiction.

There might be obvious areas. Perhaps you spend too much time on social media or watching TV, but sometimes it’s about spending less time with family and friends. It might even involve changing your job alterations to a lifestyle. Whatever it is, it is worth spending some time identifying what you want and what you are prepared to sacrifice.

What have you given up to dedicate yourself to your writing?

What will you give up?

Episode 71 – Are you as dedicated to writing as you think you are?

Virginia Woolf noted, many people who write want to do nothing else. 

What are the most disagreeable aspects of being a writer for you? Are you passionate enough to endure these in the long term?

Imagine dedication as a gauge. If you are honest with yourself, how do you score?

What would dedication to your writing look like for you?

Before measuring your dedication, you need to know precisely what you want from your writing.

It could be putting a couple of hours a week aside to clear your head and write. It could be buying a writing course AND setting aside time to practise what you learnt.

If you’re crazy, maybe you’ll pack in work for a year, move into a caravan in the corner of a field and spend every day for a whole year reading about writing, practising, getting it wrong and trying again.

Choose what you want and dedicate some time and effort to take the actions required to achieve it. The hardest part is making up your mind if this is a ‘want to’ or a ‘going to.’

What might help?

• Connecting with fellow writers for accountability, community and encouragement to keep going. 

• Daily writing sessions to get unblocked and make progress on your writing projects.

• Attending events in person and online.

• Reading fiction and writing craft books.