Episode 96 – How to Measure Success – the Hidden Beauty behind our ‘Failures’

During this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about their ‘failures’ and what wonderful things these actually brought them.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • That, just because something didn’t go the way you wanted, it doesn’t mean it didn’t go actually the way you needed
  • How our sense of success and how we measure it is intricately related to our patience levels
  • How Lucinda’s first novel wasn’t what she’d wanted it to be, but it did bring her onto this writing journey and that’s a wonderful thing in itself
  • How, a week after the launch of her Kickstarter campaign, Mariëlle found a way to shift her perspective to focus less on the private goal she’d set for herself and more on all the awesome stuff that has happened and that she achieved because of the campaign.

Mariëlle’s campaign ends on the 9th of November. If you’re curious to see what her campaign looks like and how it’s doing, check it out here:



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