Episode 100 – Learning from the Past

During the 100th episode of the podcast, Lucinda and Mariëlle reflect on what they’ve learned about their writerly selfs over the past year and what they want to move towards during 2023.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • Lucinda becoming more accepting about how she’s forced to keep returning to the drawing board each time she thinks she figured out her ideal system for writing.
  • Lucinda’s realisation that she wants to stop looking for shortcuts in life.
  • That this is the perfect time of year to reflect on what shortcuts we’ve been trying to take this year and why.
  • How Lucinda learned to take her time when it comes to writing, which takes the pressure off.
  • Mariëlle realising that, if she doesn’t make space for her creative energy to flow, she becomes like a pressure cooker ready to blow.
  • Mariëlle trying to balance her regained trust that her creativity will always come back—if with a vengeance—with her intention to build in more space for that creativity to keep flowing all year round.
  • How what we go through on a personal level has a profound impact on our creativity, since both are located in the second chakra, our emotional well.

For our first episode of the new year, we will be talking about what we would like to (try to) surrender to during 2023. What are some of the things you’d like to surrender to in the year to come?

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