Episode 102 – Steady Bravery

After pulling the Knight of Swords for this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about steady bravery and what that means for their creative lives.

That was the intention, at least. They ended up talking about a LOT more than just that.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • Tarotly speaking, 2023 is the year of the Chariot, which means it’s the perfect year to move forwards with your goal.
  • How the Knight of Swords fits the Chariot perfectly, since they both warn against pushing forward too hard and ending up burned out and hurt.
  • What bravery means exactly, and that it can mean something different for everyone.
  • Whether we need that nasty little voice in side our heads to get us moving or whether there’s another reason for ‘lazy’ or avoidant behaviour.
  • Where Lucinda’s fear around social media might be coming from.
  • Why learning how to properly rest terrifies Mariëlle like nothing else.


Mariëlle also promised to dig up a link to Derek Murphy’s talk on how to create an author brand, which he gave in Edinburgh, but it’s unfortunately not available online.


Episode 101 – Surrender

During this first episode of the new year, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about:

  • Some of the things they wish to surrender to over 2023
  • Mariëlle’s wish to surrender to her creative flow more by creating the necessary space in her usually rigid planning
  • Lucinda’s wish to surrender to the things she has no control over to begin with
  • How being in survival mode affects one’s creativity
  • Taking the easy road over taking the hard road, and whether that has everything to do with perspective
  • That going with the flow sounds easier than it is