Episode 103 – Levelling up as a Writer

In this week’s episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about levelling up as a writer, and whether or not they’re ready for that.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • Lately, Lucinda’s focus has been less on the writing and more on other aspects of her life, and that’s OK.
  • After recognising and then working through some deep-seated patterns in her life, Mariëlle feels about ready to seriously level up and do the things she knows she’s here to do.
  • That you can’t see your writing life as separate from the rest of your life, and that what happens regarding the one automatically affects the other.
  • How, in Lucinda’s case, her personal transformation might very well affect her writing in the long run.
  • That not all things might happen for a reason, but that doesn’t mean we cannot give them at least some level of purpose after the fact.




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