Episode 105 – Finding the Courage to Collaborate

In this week’s episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about their experiences (and fears!) around collaborating with others.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • Mariëlle’s fears around collaboration and where she thinks these may be coming from
  • That Lucinda has been very ‘lucky’ in her picking of collaborators because she’s never had a bad experience
  • Collaborating with friends
  • The importance of making sure you gel with someone before you start collaborating
  • Why making up contracts, even when collaborating with a friend, can be highly useful
  • That, sometimes, you just have to take the chance and see where you end up

During the recording, Mariëlle kept feeling she was talking in circles, but right after we stopped recording, she had a major revelation about her current fear around collaboration and where it came from exactly! It goes to show that, sometimes, you just need to talk through something, prod at it from different angles, to arrive at that vital aha! moment 😉