Episode 117 – Reviewing (and re-finding) our Path

During this episode of Diving into Writing, which was recorded at the beginning of July, Mariëlle and Lucinda check in with each other about their goals for the next six months.  

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • That goal setting is a very personal practice and might take some trial and error to get right.
  • Mariëlle, who strayed far off the goal-setting path, realises during the episode that breaking her big goals into mini goals she then gets to check off one by one might be giving her the energy she’s been lacking over the last six months. 
  • That Lucinda is much better at goal setting when it’s about her dogs and training they need than when it’s about her day job (where she does set goals) and her writing (where she hasn’t set any goals lately). 
  • That both Mariëlle and Lucinda’s main goal is to start setting writing goals again. 

And here’s a link to the sticky bookmarks Lucinda was gushing over during the episode: https://www.amazon.co.uk/smatime-Bookmark-Self-Stick-Stationery-Annotation/dp/B09FF6KGRY

Episode 116 – Bring the Joy Back into Your Writing

During this episode of Diving into Writing, Mariëlle and Lucinda update each other on how their writing is going and end up talking about the joy of writing once again. 

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • Mariëlle’s switching between two fiction projects at the moment, which is not something she’s ever done before. 
  • Lucinda wrote a new scene after recording the last episode and finally feels ready to invest in a new journal for this specific novel.
  • How vision boards play in role in both their writing and how they can bring both inspiration and joy to the writing process.