Episode 121 – Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn

In this episode of Diving into Writing, Mariëlle and Lucinda talk about what they have (not yet) learned from going about 2023 the way they usually do.

Here are some of the ‘revelations’ we had:

  • Lucinda has yet to figure out why it’s such a struggle to get back to writing, although a certain belief popped up during the conversation that might have something to do with it.
  • Mariëlle learned that planning rigorously brings her piece of mind, even if she doesn’t fully stick to what’s she planned. The more detailed, the less overwhelmed she feels, contradictory as that may sound. 

Mariëlle apologises profusely for the sound quality; she forgot to plug in her microphone. Rest assured, she talked directly into it for the entire episode, but to no avail.

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