Episode 124 – Animals in Writing

Being the animal lovers they are, it was a matter of time before Mariëlle and Lucinda ended up talking about animals and how they (don’t) write them into their stories. 

Here’s what came up during the episode:

  • Because horrid things tend to happen to the animals in the novels Lucinda reads, she doesn’t want to make herself include animals in her own story-telling
  • When Mariëlle just started writing, she always forgot to include animals into the story (unless they were relevant to the plot). Now, she always does but only in a way that fits the worlds she’s building. 
  • Lucinda and Mariëlle realising that their shared love for animals leads Lucinda to NOT wanting to write about them and Mariëlle to DEFINITELY wanting to write about them
  • Lucinda and Mariëlle discuss some ways animals can be included into stories without them having to be integral to the plot and in ways that subtly demonstrate their values around animals

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