Episode 129 – Goal check-in and starting small when implementing habits

During this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle check in with the goals they set for this quarter and discuss what is and isn’t working for them.

Here’s what came up during the episode:

Lucinda is smashing her non-writing goals, but she needs a new plan for her writing ones

Mariëlle is well on her way to achieving the goals she’s written down at the start of the year

Mariëlle suggests starting small and work up to the habit(s) you hope to create

Both Lucinda and Mariëlle shamelessly plugged the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene

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What is Diving into Writing?

Diving into Writing is a podcast, brought to you by two indie authors, where we discuss best practices to create a sustainable writing career and encourage fellow writers to listen to what their hearts and souls want them to create.

Who is Diving into Writing for?

Any writer who seeks to honour their creative impulses. We are here to make you feel less alone on this journey and inspire you to stay true to yourself in your life and your creative work.

What are our promises to you?

In sharing our creative experiences with you openly and honestly, we aim to create a safe space where you can be honest about your creative dreams and desires.

Why listen to us?

We look beyond the surface of our writing practice. By diving deeply and reflecting on our own creative struggles and obstacles, we broach topics only some in the writing community are willing or ready to have.

Episode 128 – What kind of role model do you want to be?

During this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle dive deep into the topic of models and the kind of behaviour they themselves would like to model to the world.

Here’s what came up during the episode:

  • Who some of Lucinda’s and Mariëlle’s role models were when they were growing up
  • That people are often role models without us consciously realising that’s what they are to us
  • That anyone can be a role model, and that it can be as much about what they do with their lives as how they make you feel about yours
  • That the behaviour Lucinda wants to model to others is that she follows through with her writing, that is, she gets stuff done and out into the world
  • Mariëlle wants to model what it’s like to not be afraid of your own inner power

Here are some of the questions Mariëlle posed that could help you figure out what kind of role model you would like to be: 

  • Who were your role models as you grew up? If you can’t think of anyone, think about the people who left a positive mark on you. What did they do? How did they make you feel? Are you emulating any of that in your own life?
  • Why were these people your role model? What is it they did or said that made you look up to them as an example for your own life? 
  • When you think of the people you’re leaving a mark on yourself, what would you like for them to see?
  • Are you currently setting that example and modelling that behaviour?
  • If no, what would need to change for you to start setting the example you wish to be in others’ lives?