Episode 135 – Future Thinking: Women and their Creative Potential

Over the next couple of episodes, Lucinda and Mariëlle will be diving into the topic of Future Thinking and how it can benefit our creative lives. During this episode, they ask themselves whether it’s harder for women to see themselves in their full creative potential, and why that might be.

Here’s what came up during the episode:

  • Why we, as women, put pressure on ourselves
  • That both Lucinda and Mariëlle are very much still affected by how their mothers behaved as they grew up
  • That being non-conformist does not mean you’re immune to external pressures
  • That it takes time to unlearn the stories we tell ourselves about what women should and shouldn’t do and want, much to Lucinda’s chagrin
  • How important it is to remember that having the freedom to achieve ANYthing does not mean we have to achieve EVERYthing, no matter how much society tries to convince us of this
  • That, after this episode, Lucinda is no longer certain dogs are more than cats

What is Diving into Writing?

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Who is Diving into Writing for?

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