Episode 139 – Future Thinking: It’s a wrap!

During the last couple of episodes, Lucinda and Mariëlle dove into the topic of Future Thinking and how it can benefit our creative lives. During this episode, they reflect on doing this series and what’s been showing up for them lately. 

Here’s what came up during the episode:

  • Now Lucinda’s found her passion for writing back, she’s finding it so much easier to sneak in writing wherever she can
  • They didn’t talk about Mariëlle’s writing on the show, but she’s happy to inform you that Lucinda’s plan (do 10 minutes of fiction followed by 50 minutes of non-fiction) has been working perfectly for her
  • How the vague messages and images Lucinda’s been getting during her mediations all connected once she came across a listing for a piece of agricultural land in her area…
  • How manifestation works according to Mariëlle 
  • What came up for Mariëlle when she did the meditations herself – and how Lucinda nearly reduced her to tears during the sharing

Once Mariëlle gets around to recording these meditations separately, you’ll be able to find them here:

Illuminate | Musings and meditations for the creative soul:

Insight Timer:

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