Episode 85 – Writing with the Inner Critic

The most powerful writing comes from the subconscious part of the brain we access when we shut down the inner critic and just let the words come. Fear of judgement will shut that part down, and we must learn to let it go. How? With lots of self-awareness and work, of course.

Grab your journal and open a new document on your computer before setting a timer to 10 or 15 minutes. Take a deep breath. Then write down all the things your inner critic is scared of, trying to be as detailed as possible. Yes, you’re afraid of being judged but judged for what and why? When you’re done, set your timer for every item on your list and write down why it’s worth taking the risk anyway.

Episode 82 – Finishing Power

Nora Roberts said:

A writer never finds the time to write. A writer makes it. If you don’t have the drive, the discipline, and the desire, then you can have all the talent in the world, and you aren’t going to finish a book.    

Look at your writing  projects. Do you have some that are finished? Did you abandon any? What happened from the initial spark to where you finished or stopped working on it? What does this tell you about the reasons to finish or quit a project?

Episode 81 – It’s all been said before, but that’s okay

“I think  new writers are too worried that it  has all been said  before. Sure it has. But not by you.” Asha Dornfest

Do you continue to write a  book if someone has already written something similar?

In this episode Mariëlle and Lucinda talk about what is unique about their writing.

Think of a story you are currently working on or want to be working on.In what way is it similar to other stories? In what way is your story different?

Grab a notebook or open a new document on your computer and set your timer to 15 minutes. For the next quarter of an hour, try to answer the following:

What are you bringing to the table? What voice? Perspective? Knowledge? Angle? What makes your story your story?



Episode 79 – Rewriting our Beliefs

During this episode, Mariëlle and Lucinda discuss what came up for them during the third part of the exercise. What better beliefs have they created? And can they improve on them together? 

This was the result:

“I deserve to achieve financial success and respect for my writing.” 

Lucinda Pebre.

Episode 78 – Understanding our Limiting Beliefs

During this episode, Mariëlle and Lucinda discuss what came up for them during the second part of the exercise. They ask:

Where do our limiting beliefs come from?

How have they served us?

Who would you be without these beliefs?

Step 3 –  Creating new beliefs about writing

Of all the beliefs about writing you worked on during Steps 1 and 2, pick the ones you would most like to change, or that you wish to change first. 

Remember you don’t have to tackle them all in one day. You can come back to this exercise as often as you wish. 

When changing a limiting belief, the opposite of a current belief is a good place to start. For example, ‘I don’t have time to write’ could be replaced with ‘I have time to write’. As I’m sure you’re immediately aware, though, that doesn’t necessarily make for a belief that is truly empowering. Instead of going with ‘I have time to write’, you could kick it up a few notches and turn ‘I don’t have time to write’ into ‘I make time to write every day because it feeds my soul’, or ‘My writing makes the world a better place and there’s no better way for me to spend my time’. Can you feel the difference? 

Another way of getting the right kind of belief for you is by starting from the feeling you would like to have about writing. Let’s say you want writing to make you feel alive, like you matter, free, or elated. Once you narrow that down, you can ask yourself, ‘What belief would create that feeling?’

There’s no real right or wrong here, and you can always go back later and tweak your new beliefs. Just do the best you can right now and don’t forget it takes time to create new beliefs—and let go of the old ones. You’ve been living with those for years, maybe even decades! 

It’s always a good idea to write down a reminder in your calendar a month from now to go back over the beliefs you’re about to write down and ask yourself whether they still work for you or if there is a way they can be improved. 

Look at the beliefs you’ve written down at the beginning of this exercise. What would you like to believe instead?

If you want some ready made affirmations, check out Mariëlle’s guest blog post 10 Affirmations to Live Your Best Creative Life’