Episode 92 – Everyone Makes Mistakes

During this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk openly about the mistakes they’ve made on their writing journeys.

Here are some of the topics that came up:

  • It’s always good to ask yourself who’s responsible for the mistakes you make.
  • The time and money Lucinda and Mariëlle have spent on things that ended up not serving them.
  • You’ll never stop making mistakes, but, with time, it gets easier to deal with them.
  • Don’t try to run before you can walk.
  • Self-awareness helps an awful lot when deciding what is and isn’t for you.

Episode 90 – Overcoming Writing Struggles

In this episode, Lucinda and Mariëlle talk about:

  • How Mariëlle figured out what kept her back from plotting her next writing project.
  • How both Lucinda’s and Mariëlle’s creativity shuts down when they start telling themselves ‘This is how it SHOULD be done.’
  • Making the two parts of your brain cooperate and tricking your fear into thinking you’ve got it all under control.
  • How Mariëlle uses tarot in her writing.
  • How Lucinda is writing again, but her struggles with prioritising keep her from writing every day again, which we’ll talk about during our next episode.

Episode 89 – When you fail to do well at what you are normally good at.

This episode is all about a struggle the hosts share. What happens when you fail to do well at the one thing you have a reputation for being good at? Consider the stories we tell ourselves and no matter how positive and uplifting, what are the dangers? How can the story  be manipulated to produce  a better outcome.

We would love to hear about your stories – the good, the bad and the ugly. Please get in touch.

Episode 85 – Writing with the Inner Critic

The most powerful writing comes from the subconscious part of the brain we access when we shut down the inner critic and just let the words come. Fear of judgement will shut that part down, and we must learn to let it go. How? With lots of self-awareness and work, of course.

Grab your journal and open a new document on your computer before setting a timer to 10 or 15 minutes. Take a deep breath. Then write down all the things your inner critic is scared of, trying to be as detailed as possible. Yes, you’re afraid of being judged but judged for what and why? When you’re done, set your timer for every item on your list and write down why it’s worth taking the risk anyway.