Lucinda Pebre

My author-name is Lucinda Pebre. I write science fiction and fantasy when I am not adopting rescue dogs and running in the Peak District close to where I live in the UK. The podcast allows me to share my writing struggles, including fitting writing into my crazy busy life, and, more often than not, get coaching from Mariëlle.

If you want to know more, visit my website here.

Mariëlle S. Smith

I’m Mariëlle S. Smith and I coach fellow creatives on their path to fulfilling their soul’s calling using a combination of life coaching, Akashic Records readings, cartomancy, and Reiki. I also work as a developmental and copy editor of both fiction, non-fiction, and academic publications, and I provide the occasional translation.

When I’m not coaching or editing other people’s work, you can find me working on my next non-fiction book or typing away at one of the fiction series I’m currently writing.

My recent publications include: the second editions of my 52 Weeks of Writing series; Tarot for Entrepreneurs: 50 Tarot Spreads and Other Intentional Practices to Build Your Business and Tackle Its Challenges from the Heart; and 99 Writing Prompts and Journal Exercises for Writers to Cultivate Courage and Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb.