Diving into Writing
with Mariëlle and Lucinda

What is Diving into Writing?

A podcast to support an informal way of: Connecting with others; Sharing information and book references; Comments on writing theory; Encouraging each other in times of doubt or difficulty; Building self-regard and self-care, for example, saying ‘no’ and protecting your time

Why add to the vast number of podcasts out there on writing?

Quite simply, we feel we have something to say, and people might want to listen or join in. It’s less expert-led and more of a place to share the writing experience. There may even be times when we cross over into life.

You know how it is when you struggle to achieve something alone, only to find it much easier when someone joins in the discussion. That’s what happens most of the time when we meet up.

What are our promises to you?

Honesty. We will strive, even when painful, to be honest about who we are (except for the pesky pseudo name) and what we do.

Going deep.Like reality TV, we aim to look beyond the surface of our writing practice.

Sharing. We endeavour to share our experiences in the hope that it will help rather than suggest that there is a single way.

Everyone is welcome.

Why listen?

Writing can be lonely. Being part of a conversation might encourage or help you to work out dilemmas, or perhaps bring new ideas to your attention.

Your Hosts

Mariëlle Smith

I’m Mariëlle Smith and I’m an editor, writing coach, and writer. I’m half Scottish, half Dutch, and I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Now I reside in Cyprus, where writing and helping others to write is my full-time job. I’m delighted to join Lucinda as a co-host to help even more writers with their writing journey.

Lucinda Pebre

Lucinda isn’t my real name, it’s my author name. Everything else you read or hear is true. Part of the reason for setting up this podcast was to share our authentic selves, and so even though I don’t advertise my real name, it isn’t a secret.

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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