Diving into Writing
with Mariëlle and Lucinda

A podcast for writers by writers

What is Diving into Writing?

Diving into Writing is a podcast, brought to you by two indie authors, where we discuss best practices to create a sustainable writing career and encourage fellow writers to listen to what their hearts and souls want them to create.

Who is Diving into Writing for?

Any writer who seeks to honour their creative impulses. We are here to make you feel less alone on this journey and inspire you to stay true to yourself in your life and your creative work.

What are our promises to you?

In sharing our creative experiences with you openly and honestly, we aim to create a safe space where you can be honest about your creative dreams and desires.

Why listen to us?

We look beyond the surface of our writing practice. By diving deeply and reflecting on our own creative struggles and obstacles, we broach topics only some in the writing community are willing or ready to have.

Your Hosts

Mariëlle S. Smith

I’m Mariëlle S. Smith and I coach fellow creatives on their path to fulfilling their soul’s calling. I also work as a developmental and copy editor. When I’m not coaching or editing other people’s work, you can find me working on my next non-fiction book or typing away at one of the fiction series I’m currently writing.

Lucinda Pebre

My author-name is Lucinda Pebre. I write science fiction and fantasy when I am not adopting rescue dogs and running in the Peak District close to where I live in the UK. The podcast allows me to share my writing struggles, including fitting writing into my crazy busy life, and, more often than not, get coaching from Mariëlle.

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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